Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Number five is Alive!

There was a movie in the 80's called Short Circut where a robot is struck by lightening causing a power surge which brings the robot to life.  Throughout the movie the robot says "Number 5 is Alive!"  This movie was a favorite in my house growing up and when Jim and I found out we were expecting baby number five my dad uttered those famous words.

Well we welcomed "Number 5" into the world on March 20th.  She was 8 lb 10oz and sweet as can be.
Her name means Given to God. 
All our children have names with meanings from Hebrew.  Number five's name means "Given to God" with her middle name being Joy. 

On the blog she'll be Given.

She is a fabulous baby.  Sweet and laid back.  I keep saying that I don't know if my babies get better or if I'm just a better mom with each one.  In either case, she's a doll.

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