Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Whopper Cake

The kids and I read a silly picture book recently called Whopper Cake.  In short, it's about a man who makes a giant cake in the bed of his old pick up truck.
It was a fun read and best of all there was a recipe in the back to make our own Whopper Cake.  No need for a pickup truck, a 9X13 pan did the job.  The kiddos were super excited to give it a try.  Joy and Life helped me mix up the batter and then all four made sure that the bowl was properly cleaned.
Asked took on the job of making sure the cake was baking.   
Joy and Life joined the cake vigil.  


The cake turned out great!  We didn't even frost it the kids added some whipped cream and m&m's to theirs.  It was moist and fluffy and not too dense.  We like that around here.  Yum!  We coppied the recipe so we can make it again.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Onion rings

My neighbor gave me 3 GINORMOUS  onions.

Treasure doing her best spokes-model impression with the onion.
I thought about just chopping them for all the regular onion uses, but that seemed a little lame for onions of such great proportions.  So I decided to try my hand at making one of my favorite foods... ONION RINGS!  YUM!  I found this recipe and gave it my best.
Look at all these rings from just the ONE onion!
My messy little work station.  First you dipped them in flour then in an egg/milk mixture.  You're supposed to let the egg/milk mixture drip off which is why I have them suspended on a spoon over the bowl.  Then dip in bread crumbs and last deep fry!
ENORMOUS pile of rings!  YUM!!
I loved the texture of this recipe but the coating didn't stay in place well.  So I think that next time I won't let all the egg/milk drip off before dipping them in the bread crumbs and see what happens.  I have 2 more onions, so I'll HAVE to try this again.