Sunday, January 8, 2012

Back in the Gutsy Saddle

I know I've been a blogging slacker this fall.  We've been so busy, it just got placed on the back burner.  But, among other exciting things happening in our house, we found out we are expecting baby number 5 in late March.  But now that work has slowed down, morning sickness has all but disappeared and the holidays are over (whew!).  It's about time I got back in the kitchen and got Gutsy!

We've changed the way we're doing things.  We're no longer using the Kitchen Bible, we'll have a new theme each month with a few different recipes to try each week.  January is bucket list month, with several people suggesting different recipes, ingredients or methods they have always wanted to try.  Here's this month's line up.  I chose Spaghetti al Limone.  Now when I tried to go to this website on grocery day, it wouldn't connect.  So I used this recipie.  I liked this one because it had cream in it, and I have an easier time convincing the family to eat a creamy sauce.

So these are all the ingredients.  This is it.  So easy.  My only issue was that I didn't think I had any fresh basil, my basil plant died earlier this winter,  and so I used the dry.  As we were eating dinner, Jim asked why I hadn't used the fresh basil from the freezer.  Grrrrr...  Oh well, just one more reason to make this again!

Dinner... yummy!
I really loved the light fresh taste of this pasta.  I felt like it was missing a little something, but I think that problem will be solved when I use the fresh basil.  I can't wait to pull this recipie out again this summer, it really seems like the perfect summer pasta dish.  Jim wished it had some chicken, so maybe a grilled chicken breast on the side.  We'll see.
This kids gave it varying grades from an A++++++ to a D+.  But I think I would give it a solid B.  And it will definitely be filed in the 'make again' file.


  1. Too bad about missing the fresh basil! Dried just doesn't compare, does it? Congratulations on the new baby--I grew up with four siblings, and it didn't seem like that many at the time. Now it seems like a LOT.
    Marie (
    (I can only sign in as breadbasketcase on your blog for some reason).

  2. First off - CONGRATULATIONS on number 5! wow FIVE! You have gotten all the free passes you would ever want in missing gutsy post.

    I love this pasta dish as well.. I made it tonight, and like you, I added some cream to it.. and chicken.. and it was delish! Post will be late, since I did not take pictures, which means, I need to make it again tomorrow.

    We live a hard life right? Welcome back!

  3. Sounds great..might have to give it a try.

  4. Yay! So glad you're doing your eating adventures again. And blogging! Someone gave pasta a "D"? Impossible.